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In Our Orbit - July Edition

Every month, we at QSO Media curate a playlist highlighting some of our favourite songs we've been listening to recently. We've made the change to do each post at the end of each month, to round up some recent highlights. To celebrate, we've done a bumper edition for July, marking our favourite songs from June and July together. I (AC) have chosen 10 songs, and Toni has chosen 10.

You can stream the playlist on Spotify below:

Don't forget to support the artists directly through sites such as Merchtable.

Check out all QSO playlists here.

The tracklist for In Our Orbit (July '21) is as follows:

  1. Cake by Pom Pom Squad

  2. re: December's Traditions by Anyone's Ghost

  3. Ghosts in the Metro by Into The Red

  4. TERROR PACKETS by Backxwash featuring Censored Dialogue

  5. Jackie by Yves Tumor

  6. Cross My Heart by Slash Fiction

  7. Berlin Air by Cosha

  8. Daye3 by Lounar

  9. What Did You Do? by DanDan


  11. Lizard Girl by Trees and Flowers

  12. THIS IS A PROTEST FOR YOUR HEART!!! by Left At London

  13. More Than A Friend by GIRLI

  14. Do or Die by Effie

  15. Fuck These Fuckin Facists by The Muslims

  16. Seventh Heaven by Haru Nerumi

  17. いない by Tricot

  18. over u by caro

  19. OK Seke Bien by Fulu Miziki featuring Sekelembele

  20. Poof Be Gone by KyleYouMadeThat with Yung Baby Tate & Yevette featuring Cheerleebridee

What have you been listening to this month? Let us know!

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