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In Our Orbit - May Edition

Every month, we at QSO Media curate a playlist called In Our Orbit. I (AC) choose five songs, and Toni (QRS) chooses five songs. Together, they form a playlist of ten songs that we've been loving over the past month.

You can stream the playlist on Spotify below:

Don't forget to support the artists directly through sites such as Merchtable.

Check out all QSO playlists here.

The tracklist for In Our Orbit (May '21) is as follows:

  1. Flight of the Crows by Jhariah

  2. Hey Annabelle! by Fightmilk

  3. fosn by Phia Sky

  4. The Darkness (Remix) by A. G. Cook, Sarah Bonito and Hannah Diamond

  5. A Life So Wonderful by The Armed

  6. Nobody Knows We Are Fun by CHAI

  7. Ankle, Wrist by Icky Bricketts and Indigo De Souza

  8. Syrup by Tkay Maidza

  9. Sylph Fossil by Iglooghost

  10. Lover by 9z

What have you been listening to this month? Let us know!

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