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About Us

QSO Media started off as a college radio show seeking to provide exposure to underrated and unknown artists. Now, QSO exists as a platform for both audio (QRS) and written media (Forgotten Chords) covering alternative music, films, tv games, and more. We're particularly into gay, trans, and otherwise LGBTQ+ shit.

Meet the Co-Founders
Head of Written Content; Editor

AC is a writer and visual artist at QSO Media. They love folk-punk songs about birds, flavoured coffee, and queer shit. They've been running the blog since 2017.
Toni Oisin H.C.
Head of Audio Content; Sub-Editor

Toni is a writer and content creator at QSO. He handles the site's audio-visual output, as well as writing and editing for the blog. He started running QSO's original form, a university radio show, back in 2018.
Our Contributors
Image by Aldebaran S
JC is a musician, audio producer and artist from Bristol, UK. They make DIY queer pop songs and are ⅓ of Nervous Rex, the UK’s premier all-trans dinosaur-concept punk band.
Twitter / Insta: @JCQuickDIY @NervousRexPunks
Icon copyright Unsplash.
Image by Graham Holtshausen
Mal Morgenstern
As a writer and video contributor for QSO, Mal enjoys exploring niche media and fan culture, with an appreciation for excesses of violence and melodrama. They’re currently writing a comic about girlboss war criminals.
Twitter: @MalMorgenstern
Icon copyright Unsplash.
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