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Welcome to QSO Media!

We are relaunching QSO Media - a platform including Forgotten Chords and Quasistellar Radio Source (QRS)!

Forgotten Chords is a written media blog, focusing on music reviews, features, articles, and more. I (AC) launched the blog in 2017, featuring artists such as The Big Moon, Julien Baker, and Slaughter Beach, Dog. I eat, sleep, and breathe alternative music, and so I started Forgotten Chords as an outlet for that passion. The blog has been dormant for a couple of years now, but I'm determined to bring it back with a bang. There's so much music out there that I'm dying to talk about, and I want to share that feeling by shining a spotlight on my favourite new releases and by sharing my thoughts and opinions. I'll be covering all kinds of music, with a focus on alternative rock, folk, and indie. As a small-time independent musician myself, I want to pass the mic to other artists in similar situations, and help you discover your new favourite band.

Quasistellar Radio Source (FKA Guess That's What The Volume Knob's For) started out as a college radio show back in 2018 (several re-brands ago). QRS' main goal was always to share new and underground music to curious audiences. After a few months off-air due to COVID-19, I (Toni) realised I wanted to build up QRS in a different way to how I had before: using it as a portal for audio-visual content such as podcasts, videos, DJ sets, and interviews. Hopefully one day QRS will be back disgracing the airwaves but until then, here's a new home for it. Over the coming weeks I'm going to be sharing artist interviews I've conducted over the past three years, and making some new stuff too!

We're setting up QSO Media to merge Forgotten Chords and QRS to make a fun, varied hub of written and audio content together. We can't wait to see where this online adventure goes and we hope you'll share it with us. 🖤

- AC + Toni H ✨

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