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QSO Roundup - March 2021

Hi everyone! It's been a very busy March here at QSO HQ - as well as getting the website up and running, we've also published a lot of new QRS content. See below for a full breakdown of what we've worked on!

Most recently, we had a wonderful chat with Bristolian singer-songwriter JC Quick and their wonderful new release, Pearl EP! We chatted about their new music, their dinopunk band Nervous Rex, DIY, and hyperpop.

You can watch the interview here, and buy the Pearl EP here.

We had a lovely chat with Julien Baker, breaking down her incredible new album Little Oblivions track-by-track! Julien told us so much about every song on the record, discussing faith, production tips from Lucy Dacus, and wolf documentaries.

You can listen to the interview here, buy Little Oblivions here, and read our First Instincts review of the album here.

Last but not least, we've shared an interview from the vaults with Look Mum No Computer! We caught up with Sam on his October 2019 UK tour, and discussed recording, inspirations, and furbies.

You can listen to the interview here, and buy Sam's music here.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks, when we'll be sharing new content from the team behind It Feels Like This, and London pop-punkers Fresh!

Enjoy the sunshine everyone,

- AC + Toni H (QSO)


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